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Centre for Language Studies
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Production and Comprehension of Conversational Speech


Poster Session

  • Irina Apushkina, Elena Riekhakaynen, Natalia Slepokurova, Anatoly Ventsov

    Frequency Word List of Spontaneous Russian

  • Hans Bosker, Anne-France Pinget, Hugo Quené, Ted Sanders, Nivja De Jong

    When is speech fluent? The relationship between acoustic speech properties and subjective fluency ratings

  • Nivja De Jong

    Cross-linguistic differences in pausing behavior

  • Tyko Dirksmeyer

    Lexical Hesitation Marking in Chintang: Evidence for Fillers as Words

  • Maria Graziano, Marianne Gullberg

    When Words Fail: The Relationship Between Gestures and Disfluency in Child and Adult Language Learners' Speech Production

  • Jenna Luque, Laura Burchfield, Kelsey Mok, Ann Bradlow

    A cross-linguistic comparison of speech timing measures in spontaneous and scripted speech: Talker and language specific characteristics in Mandarin-English speakers

  • Ryan Podlubny, Benjamin Tucker, Terrance Nearey

    "Sorry, what was that?": The roles of pitch, duration, and amplitude in the perception of reduced speech

  • Vaclav Prochazka, Petr Pollak

    Coverage of spontaneous conversational speech from Nijmegen Corpus of Casual Czech by General ASR language models

  • Elena Riekhakaynen, Olga Raeva

    Reduced Word Forms in the Mental Lexicon: Evidence from Russian

  • Ralph Rose

    Filled Pauses in Writing: What can they Teach us about Speech?

  • Louise Schubotz, Mirjam Ernestus, Nelleke Oostdijk

    Reduction of the discourse marker you know: production and comprehension

  • Marisa Tice, Tania Henetz

    The social perception of turn-taking cues in spontaneous conversation

  • Jürgen Trouvain, Friederike Kern

    Studying Speech Styles from Authentic Data: Dramatic Prosody in Live Football Commentaries

  • Kodi Weatherholtz

    Sociolinguistic expectations and the segmentation of conversational speech