Baldey: A database of auditory lexical decision
(Mirjam Ernestus & Anne Cutler)

Baldey is an auditory lexical decision experiment in which 5,541 Dutch content words and pseudo-words were presented to 20 native speakers. The words vary in phonological makeup and in number of syllables and stress patttern, and are further representative of the native Dutch vocabulary in that most of them are morphologically complex, being made up of two stems or of one stem plus derivational or inflectional suffixes, with inflections representing both regular and irregular paradigms.

The BALDEY data file includes response times and accuracy rates, with for each item morphological and phonological information. In addition, the auditory stimuli are available, together with Praat textgrids providing phonemic alignments created by means of an automatic speech recognizer (as described in the paper).

  • Datafile [link]
  • Paper describing BALDEY [link]
  • Praat textgrids with phonemic alignment automatically created with HTK [link]
  • Auditory stimuli